The house is very old, but rebuilt into a new house. We have three bedrooms, and the house is suitable for about 6-8 people. The house is on our farm, but is still on its own property. Look at the pictures, an see for yourself. Welcome to stay in our house!

The house isn't visible, but it is between the roof you can see, and the barn.. The boat you may rent, lies in the harbor beneath.


The living room

We have recently put up a TV and internet access..



The kitchen

The kitchen has all the equipment you need for cooking.

The Mid night sun, about 12 PM

The bath room

The shower is in the middle of the room..

Washing machine



3 bedrooms and a hall with one bed in.

I øveretasjen fjernet vi en kvist, sånn at vi istedet fikk himling i takene i alle rommene. Dersom små barn skal bo her, setter vi opp et annet rekkverk utenpå disse tauene. 


You may also rent our boat.