Løkta, a pearl of an island, on the coast of Norway

Løkta is an island of agriculture. We have all sorts of livestock, and the fields are green all over the island. We have lots of fresh air, and we don't mind sharing..

Sandåker- mountain

Our highest point is about 236 meters high, ans you easily walk to the top in about half an hour. 

The ferry has about 5 calls each day. It takes an hour to get our exclusive island.

Se www.177.no


It's about 11 kilometers of road around the island, and it is a great tour around. 

The Museum

Løkta museum offers guiding. check out their homepage www.løktamuseum.no

The Wood of Trolls

We have a great wood filled with Trolls. See pictures on our homepage:


Great view from the neighbor islands.

Going for a boat ride in the middle of the night. The sun never sets, so the night is even more beautiful than the day...

The Wood of Trolls

A perfect place for kids to play, and to have a barbecue..